The name Wolfgang Puck is synonymous with the best of restaurant hospitality and the ultimate in all aspects of the culinary arts. Puck has changed the way Americans cook and eat by mixing formal French techniques and Asian- and California-influenced aesthetics with the highest-quality ingredients. He also has changed the face of dining in cities throughout the nation, first in Los Angeles and then in Las Vegas, where he was the first star chef to create a contemporary fine dining restaurant, paving the way for other celebrated chefs and the city's metamorphosis into a dining destination.

Puck came to Los Angeles in 1975 and very quickly garnered the attention of the Hollywood elite as chef and eventually part owner of Ma Maison in West Hollywood. His dynamic personality and culinary brilliance bridged tradition and invention. He had an innate understanding of the potential for California cuisine and was pivotal in its rise to national attention during the late 1970s. After Ma Maison, he opened the award-winning Spago in Beverly Hills, which has been recognized as one of the Top 40 Restaurants in the US since 2004.

From those beginnings, he has gone on to build a food empire. One of the driving forces in his success is Puck’s Eat, Love, Live™ (WELL) philosophy. In keeping with WELL, whenever possible, Wolfgang Puck restaurants offer fresh, natural, and organic products from local family farmers and purveyors who further sustainability and the humane treatment of animals.

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